Watch IPL T20 2010 on YouTube

I’m possibly the only Indian on Earth and Mars, who hates cricket. I loathe the sport, just about every form of it. So when I came to know that this year’s IPL would be aired entirely on YouTube I was like, duh. I don’t even know when that league starts!

Update : Okay apparently IPL starts today. Bah!

Take me out, and India has got only about 1.2 billion people remaining, with everyone and their moms worshipping cricket. Then, there are the four of you non-Indians who love it too! Anyway, here’s a tip for all you cricket fans – go subscribe to the official IPL channel on YouTube – It’ll be brimming with live matches (with an unfortunate 5-minute delay within India), match highlights, and tons of on-and-off field coverage once IPL gets underway.

IPL YouTube

I know a lot of you guys were already planning on hacking me to death for denouncing cricket, but let me remind you of the bigger picture – IPL + YouTube + cheer girls + cricket = your ultimate, wet dreamy nerdiness! Yours truly cricket hater is just one obscure guy, unworthy of attention. 🙂


[Source : YouTube Global Blog]