Temporarily fix “Building font cache” pop-up in VLC player

UPDATE: This bug seems to have been fixed in the latest versions of VLC player, which you can get from VideoLAN.


You might have noticed that playing a video on a freshly installed VLC player usually triggers a ‘”Building font cache…” pop-up that stays for some time before allowing the video to play.

Technically, the window should show up only once, thereby making it a lot less irritating that it’d otherwise be. However, an unresolved bug in VLC keeps randomly triggering this pop-up when it shouldn’t, and makes us all wait so much more to watch our movies!

The VLC team suggests disabling subtitles as a temporary fix to this bug. If you can live without subtitles, here’s how to proceed:

  • Open VLC player, and go to Tools –> Preferences (or hit Ctrl + P).
  • In the Preferences window, switch from “Simple settings” to “All settings” at the bottom left corner (see screenshot below).
  • Go to Video –> Subtitles/OSD, and change the “Text rendering module” to “Dummy font rendering function”. Click on the Save button when done


Once a new version of VLC comes out, you can re-enable subtitles by repeating the above steps and setting the “Text rendering module” to “Default”.

Everyone else, who can’t do without subtitles, can only hope for a quick fix soon.