Use Twitter elegantly, in Windows Vista / 7, with Blu

Ever since Twitter started getting popular in early 2007, the number of apps for this microblogging service have exploded at a phenomenal rate. Blu is one such desktop app for Twitter, and it tries to distinguish itself with aesthetic look and feel. Quoting the developers,

There have been a lot of attempts at a great Twitter desktop client, but most have have resulted in glorified readers or overly complex applications—not a great experience. Meet blu. Now you can experience Twitter in a whole new way.

Blu utilizes the powerful Windows Presentation Foundation feature of Windows Vista and 7, which is responsible for the great looks of these OSes. And it’s not just about looks either – Blu throws in a few useful features like

  • unlimited scroll down to see older tweets
  • see full conversations (@ replies) from the past
  • a translucent background showing the number of characters left
  • integrated with TinyURL
  • easy way to send replies and direct messages

While Blu clearly doesn’t match up with the feature set of some other Twitter apps like TweetDeck or DestroyTwitter, it does have it’s own charm. Give it a try, the great looks and simplicity of use may win you over!

Blu – Home (Windows Vista / 7 only)