Use Chrome As A [VERY Barebones] Music Player

Here’s a very stupid trick for the die-hard Chrome fans out there : you can play songs right within Chrome! Chrome has a basic music player built right into it. It’s very, very basic. You can only play / pause and control volume in it. Anyway, to use Chrome’s, umm, music player, all you’ve to do is drag and drop a music file right into it. The tab will turn into a slick player with a black background and start playing your song!

Google Chrome Music Player

The player supports only one file at a time, and you can do nothing in it besides listening to that one song. Having said that, we should also note that Chrome was never a music player, so its kind of cool to have this feature in the first place. So the next time you don’t feel like launching a full blown music player just to listen to that single track, simply drag it to Chrome, and continue with your job while it plays in the background.

Cool and minimal – that’s what you always get from the engineers at Google. :)

Note : I’ve no idea if this feature has been available on Chrome since day 1. I’m currently using Chrome 4.1 beta, and I’m pretty sure this would be available on both Chrome 3 and 4, which is what most of you guys must be using at the moment. Please verify this.

Note 2 : I’ve got only mp3 songs. No idea how many formats it supports.