Optimize your WordPress blog with Autoptimize

Autoptimize is a new WordPress plug-in that makes optimizing your blog a cakewalk. Adhering to it’s name, the plug-in will automagically optimize your blog’s HTML, JavaScript and CSS codes to make it leaner and faster. The plug-in is extremely simple to use, and provides just three configuration options – to optimize the HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. The author recommends using Autoptimize alongside the popular WP Super Cache plug-in for giving some serious speed boosts to your WordPress blog.




Get Autoptimize (compatible with WordPress 2.6 and above)


Note – I had troubles getting the “CSS optimization” portion of the plug-in to work. Activating it simply made this blog to vanish. That might be due to conflicts with some other plug-ins I’m using. The plug-in was released just two days back and there isn’t much help at the moment.


Update 1 : The plug-in is VERY effective in combining JavaScript files and reducing their total size (reduced total JS by a whopping 60% on this blog!), but with one catch : All your ad scripts (Adsense and similar stuff) will also be ‘optimized’, rendering them useless. HTML size has been reduced by around 10%.


Update 2 : The plug-in’s author, Emilio, seems to be really enthusiastic. He has dished out a bunch of big fixing and new feature updates in the last couple of days. Autoptimize should now work for 99% of the cases. If you do run into problems, use the Support forum or drop him a reply ( @turl ) via Twitter.