Keep Your PC Organized With Belvedere

 Belvedere 1Belvedere is an awesome automated file manager for Windows, developed by Lifehacker editor Adam Pash. It allows you to create advanced rules to move, copy, delete, rename, or open files based on their name, extension, size, creation date, and more. You can use it for virtually anything, but for starters, it’s great for keeping your Desktop and Downloads folder clean and organized.

Over time, your ‘Downloads’ folder can fill up with boatloads of files of various types that you download from the Internet. Finding something in this mess is no easy task. Belvedere comes in handy at this point, by automatically managing and organising the files based on your rules. Here’s an example of Belvedere working in my laptop :

Belvedere 2 As you can see, I’ve set up five different rules to separate different types of files and move them to their desired places from my downloads folder. These rules are really easy to create, as you can see here :

Belvedere 3

With Belvedere, you can basically perform every file managing task, that’d otherwise be repetitive and boring. Just create a rule, enable it, and let Belvedere do its job. The program constantly runs in the background, but consumes less than 5 MB of memory when idle.

Learn more about Belvedere, and download it from here (it’s free and open source) :