Install Bulk Apps in Windows with Ninite

Everyone knows of the pathetic software [Notepad & Co.] built into Windows. And for many tasks, there isn’t anything at all [antivirus, PDF, office work]! So it’s common practice for us, PC users, to download our favourite tools from the Internet or install them from a disk, right after a clean Windows installation. It’s painful, but it has become a habit. Recently launched Ninite aims to break that habit by automatically downloading and installing your software without you having to do much. Ninite is dead simple to use : you visit the website, select the apps you want, and then click the “Get Installer” button at the bottom of the page.


You’ll then get a custom installer, which will download the latest versions of the apps and install them for you. The default install paths and settings are automatically chosen, while the usual crapware [like toolbars] is left out. Ninite also plans to offer premium plans, with features like local / network caching and silent mode, in the future. These futures are actually currently available for free, until the premium subscriptions roll out.



Pros : prevents mental and physical torture inflicted during installing two dozen software

Cons : may not be supporting your favourite software (yet); 64-bit support is limited; requires a good Internet connection (who doesn’t have it!)

Required for : anyone with a freshly installed Windows; technicians who repair PCs and install Windows frequently

Rating : 5/5