Install a Crap-Free Version of Digsby With Ninite

Digsby_logo Digsby, an otherwise phenomenal IM and social program, has been the victim of some major backlash in near past due to bundling crapware with its installer, and using your processor cycles for making money. While the Digsby installer has toned down a lot since, it still includes with an opt-in Ask toolbar, and checked-by-default options to change your home page and use your CPU.

A lot of PC users tend to focus entirely on the ‘Next’ buttons when installing stuff, and ultimately end up with unwanted bloat when installing Digsby and other similar programs. However, by making use of the afore mentioned Ninite, one can get Digsby minus the crap, without actually having to do anything!

Click on this link to grab the Ninite Digsby Installer (if you want to get more software from Ninite, visit instead)

Save the file to your computer, and launch it once its downloaded. Ninite will automatically download and install a clean version of Digsby for you.

So the next time your mom or your grandpa wants to get social media savvy, ask them to use Digsby, and mail them the link mentioned above. :)