Immunet Adds a Layer of Protection To Your Social Web

Immunet Logo

With the social networks Twitter and Facebook growing like wildfire, especially the latter, it’s inevitable that the bad guys will target them to spread malware across the Internet. Hackers misuse the social hubs’ ability to create chain reactions to spread their malware with minimum effort. Here’s how – they somehow discover and hack an account with a poor password (a lot of people use really stupid passwords). Now that the account is compromised, they use it as a centre and send some malicious code, hidden beneath a cute looking dog or some scary warning, to the account’s friends. A couple of recipients fall for this trick and their accounts are immediately compromised. This goes on, and soon the hackers have their own virtual botnet of malware retching accounts.

Immunet aims to counter these growing attacks from social networks by pulling in realtime updates from the large community of other Immunet users. It works pretty much the same way as the previously mentioned Panda Cloud Antivirus, albeit with one remarkable difference – Immunet can be used both as a primary or secondary antivirus. That is, you can use Immunet as your only antivirus, and you can also use it along with your current antivirus. Immunet, unlike other antivirus tools, doesn’t conflict with rival products.

Using Immunet as a secondary antivirus has its own benefits. Lets say your primary antivirus catches a virus on your computer, but Immunet doesn’t. However Immunet, being compatible with the antivirus, will immediately log that virus in its own database, which will then be delivered to all other Immunet users. Neat!

As with Panda, you need an account to get started (you can use your Facebook account). It’s pretty light on system resources, and I’d recommend you to use it side-by-side with your current antivirus, as it’s still very beta and not a full-blown security solution.