Hone Your Typing Skills in TypingWeb

Typing fast makes Mackenzie feel powerful. While you may not get quite the same feeling when using your keyboard, there’s no doubt that typing fast is an immensely useful aid for the computer folk. Now, I’m not the one who you should be approaching for typing tips – I’m a two-finger-typist and I manage 50-55 wpm at best. Hey don’t flee! I’m gonna tell you about this website called TypingWeb.com.

Simply put, TypingWeb is awesome. That is, if you really want to learn proper typing. It contains a variety of courses, each of which contain a set of tutorials.

The wonderful thing about TypingWeb is that you don’t even need to create an account to get started! Simply go to the website, click on ‘Start Typing’ and, wham, you land on the page shown above. Most of the typing games available can also be played without an account. However, you do need an account for some special courses (‘certifications’ and ‘problem keys’) and for appearing typing tests.

I’d personally recommend you to get an account, as it’s free, and gives you full access to the whole shebang. You can also go pro to remove all ads from the web pages, but that’s all it does.


TypingWeb is a complete tool to get a grip on your typing, not to mention the fact that it’s entirely free! Highly recommended for all the typing master wannabes. :)