Grab Torrents Easily With Bit Che

If you’re a torrent junkie, you know how irritating it can be to fetch that tiny torrent file from ad-filled, slow-loading torrent sites. Well, now you don’t have to look any further than Bit Che! This Windows-only utility will scrounge no less than sixty torrent aggregating sites to find the perfect the torrent based on your search! Not only that, you can load the torrent into your torrent client, or save it to your desktop right from Bit Che’s interface. Bid farewell to web based torrent searching!

Screenshot 25

Bit Che can search from registration based torrent sites like Demonoid, but you need to provide your login credentials for that to work. To do so, hit the F2 button (or go to Options > Scripts), enable the registration-based site(s) where you’ve an account and enter your login info when asked to do so. Bit Che will now show results from those torrent sites in your future searches.

Screenshot 24

Bit Che is free for personal use, though you might want to upgrade to the premium, or ‘Guevara’ edition for a couple of extra features like multiple search tabs and media type searching. The Guevara edition is available to everyone who donates at least $5, or who does one of the stuff mentioned in this forum post.

Personally I’d recommend Bit Che to everyone who uses torrents on a daily basis, and I’m sure you won’t disagree with that. :)

Bit Che

Pros : Super-fast, super-convenient fetching of torrents; can detect the torrent client installed on your system; supports more than 60 torrent aggregation websites

Cons : None.

Rating :  4 / 5