Get Quick-fire Information With The Google Talk Guru

UPDATE #2: Good news, it’s working again. Thanks, Lifehacker.

UPDATE: In a recent move to streamline itself, Google has shuttered the entireLabs unit, which includes this particular bot.

If you’re a regular Google Talk user, here’s a useful chat bot that you should add to you chat list now – the Google Talk Guru, straight from the Google Labs. You can “friend” the bot by adding to your contact list.

Guru helps you get some specific information like sports results, current weather and forecast, currency conversions, word definitions, etc, just by chatting with it. For example, if you want the weather stats for your city, just initiate a chat with the Guru bot and type “weather <city-name>”. Guru will search Google and almost instantaneously deliver back the stats to you. Not revolutionary, but useful to have nonetheless.

Here’s a list of the queries supported by Guru, along with examples (screenshot taken from its homepage):


I can confirm that most of the stuff works as expected, however Guru is absolutely horrendous when it comes to queries regarding tennis (my favourite sport). You’re in luck if you like football better. Smile

google talk guru

[via Mashable]