Free Tools To Make Cool Photo Collages

Cat Collage A collage is a complex photograph made by cutting and joining a number of other photos. For example, you could take all your graduation photos and make a graduation hat shaped photo collage from it! Excited? Have a look at all the collage making tools we’ve mentioned below.

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First up is Picasa, the extremely popular photo organizer from Google. There’s a good chance that you’re already using it, so you don’t have to install another software either! To make a collage, select the pictures you want to include in the collage (you can select an entire folder as well), click on the ‘Collage’ button in the tray, select / modify the style of collage you want (there are a few options), and click on ‘Create Collage’. Your pretty looking collage will be all ready in seconds. Picasa is a cross-platform tool, hence Mac and Linux users can enjoy all its goodness.

For all its prowess, Picasa’s collage making abilities are pretty basic. If you’re looking for something more snazzy, ShapeCollage has got you covered. ShapeCollage offers tons of options and custom shapes for creating collages. Drag in the photos to its window, tweak the settings to your liking (or just leave them alone), and click on the ‘Create’ button to get your geeky-cool collage which you can then save in JPG or PNG format.The best thing about ShapeCollage is that you can create collages in practically any shape you want! It’s a Java-based, cross platform tool. The free version puts a watermark on the collages created, though it’s barely visible.

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If you aren’t in the mood to install an extra software just for creating collages, check out the online version of ShapeCollage! You don’t get the fine-grained control as in the case of the desktop app, but you can create butterfly shaped collages all fine. They even have a Facebook app for all those souls who spend 37 hours a day in Facebook.

Don’t like Picasa or any of the ShapeCollage offerings? There are more! PhotoJoy is a candy-faced, Windows-only tool that can turn your pictures into collages, screensavers, and desktop widgets. The good thing about PhotoJoy is that it won’t nag you to upgrade (since the entire package is free) or watermark your images. It also sports a very pleasing and simple interface, which even your mom will have no problems getting used to! Do note that it installs a ‘Games’ icon on your desktop without asking your permission.

Update : As noticed, you may have problems uninstalling PhotoJoy from your computer, so you might want to have a look at Revo Uninstaller, which can scrub such tools off your PC.


There are quite few online collage makers besides ShapeCollage online as well. Photovisi brings the sophistication of desktop apps to the web with a myriad of options to tweak your collages. A collage can include upto 30 photos, which can be uploaded from your computer or pulled from Flickr. Collagr is another web based tool, that can import photos from Flickr and Photobucket to create fancy collages.


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