Edit GRUB with GRUB Customizer in Linux

GRUB is the ugly yet essential software that allows you to boot into multiple operating systems (like Windows and Linux) on a computer. It’s about as bare bones as a GUI can get, but you can still customize it a bit with the free GRUB Customizer app for Linux.

GRUB Customizer will help you do stuff like

  • bump up the default position of Windows in boot menu
  • change the timeout duration, or override the GRUB menu altogether
  • change the theme, resolution, and colors of the menu

GRUB Customizer

GRUB Customizer 2

If you dual-boot (or triple-boot; the more, the merrier!) operating systems on your computer, and Linux is one of them, GRUB Customizer is a useful app to have.

You can find GRUB Customizer in your Linux distro’s software repository (like Software Centre in Ubuntu), or learn more here.