Delete Your Firefox Sync Data (If You’ve Switched To Chrome)


One of my favorite features in Firefox has always been the Sync extension. Back when I was a Firefox user, Firefox Sync was my online safe, taking care of passwords for 70-something online accounts, autofill data, and tons of bookmarks. I used to be very jumpy, reinstalling Windows even when the slightest shell crash or blue screen happened, and losing all my local data every time. Without Sync, I’d be pretty screwed.

Anyway, I have fully switched to Chrome since a few months, and today I suddenly remembered I don’t need my Firefox Sync account anymore. An inactive account containing sensitive information is not a good thing at all, so I went ahead and deleted it.

Deleting your Sync profile is quite easy. Just go to this Mozilla page, fill in your username and password, and click on the “Permanently Delete My Account” button. Simple as that. Do it if you were a Firefox user, but have since switched to Chrome (I know many who have).