Create a Desktop Uploader App for imgur Using a Chrome Extension

imgur-logoimgur is one of my favorite image-sharing webapps, thanks to its sheer simplicity of uploading and sharing screenshots. The service also provides an API, which is used by a quite a few desktop tools and browser extensions (makes me like it even more).

While the desktop uploaders for imgur are pretty good (especially the ones for Mac OS X), you can actually convert a tiny Chrome extension to a full fledged desktop tool for the purpose. I like to install as few software on my system as possible, and this extension-cum-desktop-app helps me reduce that number by one.

Without further ado, lets see how we can turn a Chrome extension for imgur to a desktop app.

  • Launch Chrome, and install the “imgur” extension from here. If you don’t have Chrome, you can download it from
  • Once it’s installed, you’ll find a small “i” icon next to the Chrome address bar. Click on it.


  • The extension will launch a new tab with a dark background. Now all we have to do is to create an application shortcut for this tab. Click on the Chrome “wrench” icon, and select Tools –> Create application shortcuts.


  • Specify where you want to place the shortcuts, and click Create when done.


  • You can now use this shortcut as your pseudo-desktop app. Clicking on it will launch the dark-background page; simply drag your photos / screenshots into it, and the extension will upload them to imgur. The links to the uploads will be displayed just below every image – you can right click and copy them to share them with others.


The imgur desktop uploader should be sufficient for most cases, but it has some limitations you should keep in mind,

  • The extension uses the imgur anonymous API, which means there is no support for imgur accounts. Support might be added in future.
  • All your uploaded images are put in one single gallery, regardless of whether they’re related or not. You can browse through this gallery on the imgur website by clicking on the “External Gallery” link at the top right corner of the app.
  • All uploaded images are public by default (though anonymous), so you might not want to upload sensitive or personal pictures.
  • The app requires you to have Chrome installed (even if you don’t use it). Uninstalling Chrome will break the shortcuts.

If these limitations are a deal-breaker for you, try some of the more powerful uploading tools as listed here. For everyone else, this imgur uploader for your desktop can be very handy for quickly uploading and sharing screenshots and photos.