“Text Only, Please!” Removes Clutter From Online Articles [Chrome]

Text Only, Please! is a no-frills Chrome extension that strips out junk from most web pages, and lets you focus on the actual article content.

Once you have installed the extension, you will find a new icon next to the address bar. The next time you come across a website filled with junk ads, just click the button and the page will be instantly rendered in text-only mode. The extension uses the API of ViewText.org web service to achieve this, and the rendering is quite fast and satisfactory.


Do note that the extension doesn’t work on JavaScript-heavy sites (like the redesigned Gawker blogs) for now, but that’s an issue with ViewText and other similar “uncluttering” services.

Another nifty feature of Text Only, Please! is that you can right click on any link and select the “Open in text-only mode” option, and, you guessed it right, a clutter free version of the link will automatically open in a new tab.

As Gouthaman from the PC Geek Blog notes, this extension can also come really handy if you are on a very slow connection, or have to survive on a capped bandwidth. Being a victim of both, I can attest to that.

Back to the extension. While the extension is quite useful as it stands now, it certainly could do with a few more features. Thankfully, my friend Shankar Ganesh, who developed this extension, is planning to add keyboard shortcuts and instant web-to-PDF output through future updates!

Update 31/03/11 : Shankar has now added a keyboard shortcut – Shift+T Alt+T – for rendering the current page in text mode.

Text Only, Please! is Chrome-only, and a useful extension to have at your disposal.

[via Killer Tech Tips]