Sumatra PDF – The Leanest PDF Reader For Windows

Windows doesn’t have an inbuilt PDF reader like Mac OS X and Ubuntu do. PDF readers from Adobe Reader and Foxit are great, but they’re also bloated and / or include bundled crapware. Open source Sumatra PDF solves both these issues and lets you read your PDFs without fuss.

Use Twitter elegantly, in Windows Vista / 7, with Blu

Ever since Twitter started getting popular in early 2007, the number of apps for this microblogging service have exploded at a phenomenal rate. Blu is one such desktop app for Twitter, and it tries to distinguish itself with aesthetic look and feel. Quoting the developers,

There have been a lot of attempts at a great Twitter desktop client, but most have have resulted in glorified readers or overly complex applications—not a great experience. Meet blu. Now you can experience Twitter in a whole new way.

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Fetch movie subtitles with Sublight (Updated)

Update: Sublight is probably dead. You should use an online service like Subscene or Open Subtitles instead.

Sublight is a useful utility for Windows that allows you to fetch subtitles for movies and TV shows from various sources across the web. With it’s nifty features, Sublight can automatically look up subtitles for the movies on your PC and play them on your favorite media player.

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