Browse anonymously and access blocked websites with UltraSurf

UltraSurf is a tiny substitute to Tor, which gets its job done without much fuss. Without ANY fuss at all, if you ask me. All you’ve to do is to download a 400KB file, and double-click it. UltraSurf will automatically scan for it’s servers and open up a configured Internet Explorer for you (it might take some time; usually takes 5 – 20 sec for me). Now you can access every blocked thing from your IE window. Surfing with UltraSurf is noticeably faster than Tor, and most of the time you won’t feel a lag.


In short, UltraSurf has a few advantages, like :

  • Portable, and extremely easy to use
  • Automatically cleans IE history after use
  • Seamless browsing experience
  • Updated frequently


UltraSurf might lack the bells and whistles of Tor or Your Freedom, but it’s still a pretty good choice for fast, trouble-free access to blocked websites.

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