Bring the “Reload Image” feature of Firefox and Opera to Chrome

Online images often fail to load when you’re on a slow or flaky connection. Whenever this happens, most browsers (except Firefox, which shows the image title) replace the original image with a broken image icon.

The most obvious way to combat this problem is to reload the webpage, and hope that the image loads that time. Naturally, this solution sucks.

Firefox and Opera handle this issue better with a simple context menu entry. When you encounter a broken image on either of these browsers, simply right-click over it and select the “Reload Image” option. The image will appear magically, without you having to load the entire page again.

Chrome doesn’t have this nifty feature, but what it does have is a plethora of extremely useful extensions that bring almost every missing feature to the awesome browser. To get the above feature in Chrome, you have to install an extension named, why yes, Reload Image! Install this extension now, and the broken images won’t annoy you half as much as before.