Block spyware, adware, and bad sites with SpywareBlaster

SpywareBlaster is a useful security tool for Windows, designed to block all forms of malware. The software maintains a regularly updated blacklist of ActiveX spyware, adware, dialers, browser hijackers and prevents them from being installed on your PC. SpywareBlaster also protects you from privacy-invading tracking ads and malware infested websites.


SpywareBlaster packs in some additional useful features as well, like

  • configuration options and custom blocking in Internet Explorer
  • System Snapshot, which can reset browser and important system settings after a malware attack

Easy as it is to use, SpywareBlaster lacks the power of a traditional anti-spyware – it doesn’t have a scanning tool which can clean already infected systems. However, it can be used alongside any anti-spyware, as it doesn’t run in the background, thereby ruling out possibilities of confliction.

SpywareBlaster is free to use, but you can pay a small fee to enable automatic updates (you can still update manually for free). The program runs on Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000. It supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and other Mozilla based browsers.

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