PC Tonic brings you useful tips, tricks and software hacks that will help you get over (un)common PC problems and become more productive. Sometimes you might get stuck with a computer or Internet related task, and it can be very frustrating (we all have been there someday or the other!).

The explanatory articles in PC Tonic will help you get past those pesky potholes, and let you use your computer in peace.

Author / Editor

I am Ashutosh Mishra, a 25 year old software engineer from India. Presently I am the only editor / author at PC Tonic, with my mom and friends throwing in some tips now and then. 😉

I’ve come quite  a way from knowing nothing about computers four years ago, to being fairly tech-savvy today. I do still see myself as an end-user, and always try to write articles from an end user’s perspective.

I believe computers (all forms, like laptops, tablets, smartphones, desktops) are awesome, and we can use them effectively to make our lives better in many ways. I also can’t imagine life without the internet anymore. Can you?!

You can mail me anytime from www.pctonic.net/contact. I am also active on Twitter as @_ashutoshm.