iFixit is One of Valve’s Official Replacement Parts Partners

Valve is partnering up with iFixit in delivering replacement parts for the Steam Deck. A process that will give tinkerers an option to tweak their new toy’s hardware when the handheld officially releases. Although which components will be sold in retail remains to be under talks between the two companies. However, there appears to be … Read more

Disable Crazy Sounds And Fix Other Annoyances In Avast! Antivirus

Avast is one of the better anti-malware apps available for Windows, but it’s not without its flaws. Thankfully you can rid the program of its annoyances with some easy steps. Enable automatic program updates Avast! will automatically download new virus definitions in the background, but only alert you of program updates by default. Program updates … Read more

Launch CCleaner Without UAC Prompts [Quick Tip]

If you’re a regular CCleaner user, the UAC prompts which are triggered while launching the app must get to your nerves at times. Well, there’s good news for you; the latest version of CCleaner (3.19) includes an option to skip the UAC prompts altogether. Follow these steps to enable this option, Upgrade to the latest … Read more